Color Matching is fast and efficient with our solutions. We carry the most widely used color matching tech in the industry delivering ease of use and consistent quality to retailers the world over.


Our dispensers are the trusted brands across the paint and coatings industry. Featuring precision automatic and manual equipment that sets the standard for quality.


The best mixers for architectural coatings and other liquid based suspensions. Offering solutions for mixing containers up to 5 gallons in size. All of our mixers are made in the USA.

Happy clients say it all.

  • Efficiently covering millions of square feet of graffiti each year requires the kind of fast paint matching delivered by the X-Rite Ci61 spectrophotometer and Color Designer PLUS Software. Harper Inc. put together the system for our city!

    Seal of LA
    Thomas Corrales
    Head Paint Engineer, City of Los Angeles
  • The automatic tinting equipment i bought from Harper Inc. has really reduced my miss tints and made it so that every one of my associates can tint.

    Jack Bradley
    Owner, Landlocked Hardware
  • Had to drop you a note to share our positive experiences switching out our older spectrophotometer to the new MetaVue.  Our Ace Hardware stores share one thing in common; our paint department is our number 1 department.  We have always prided ourselves on the ability to create custom matches and scan a variety of unique customer items to create unique colors.  The Metavue opened up a world of customer satisfaction unknown to us.  The amazing accuracy with very small sample sizes is incredible.  Our mistinted paint due to scans is non existent.  As an owner, I could not be happier with that stat.  Our staff immediately bought into the updated software and scanning tools.  I wouldn’t have a paint department without one.

    Bryan Crews
    Owner, Stayton Ace Hardware

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