ColorDesigner PLUS expedite and refines the  paint selection process, eliminating wasted effort, needless formulation errors and connects to any paint dispenser. It also allows you to mix your customer’s color in the paint product they want. With one efficient package, your paint department becomes a color design center. Color Designer Plus was rebuilt from the ground up to deliver uncompromising speed, ease of use and robust stability that your paint department deserves. this new package is compatible with Windows 7 Professional and newer operating systems.

Part Number 2400SW – Color Designer Plus software   Get a quote

System Requirements for ColorDesigner PLUS

Minimum system requirements
(enforced by installer, except disk space)
Recommended system requirements
(not enforced by installer)
  • Windows 7, RAM 2 GB
  • Windows 8, RAM 2 GB
  • Windows 10, RAM 4 GB
  • 1024×768 screen resolution
  • 4 GB hard disk free
  • Pentium 4, 2 GHz
  • Windows 7, RAM 4 GB
  • Windows 8, RAM 4 GB
  • Windows 10, RAM 4 or more GB
  • Pentium dual core, 2.8 GHz or better

NOTE: The above minimum requirements are for systems running ColorDesigner PLUS only. To run other applications simultaneously, you should have the following recommended system requirements or better

Color Designer Plus Software – Video