CAPSURE Palette is designed to complement and enhance your X-Rite CAPSURE device, the instrument for matching color. The instrument matches the colors of your samples to specific fan deck data stored in the instrument’s memory. CAPSURE Palette extends the device functionality to your desktop providing a color communication work flow to popular design applications, and provides additional tools to inspire color selection.

Recall saved records from the device to your desktop


The CAPSURE Palette application allows you retrieve measurements stored on your device to your desktop including additional associated voice and text tags.

Make direct measurements with the device connected to your PC

CAPSURE Palette allows you to make live measurements directly to your desktop with extended ability to identify and extract from multicolored samples.

Extract colors from digital images

CAPSURE Palette includes an image library, or import your own digital image to create an inspired color palette.

Navigate and harmonize colors

Navigate to variations of colors that are lighter, darker, less vibrant, redder… you name it. You can also locate harmonizing colors, blend between two colors or find similar colors from other fan decks.

Build custom palettes

Create and store your custom palettes for sharing and easy access in the future.

Synchronize your palettes with popular software applications:

  • Adobe Photoshop™
  • Adobe InDesign™
  • Corel Painter™
  • Quark XPress™

Use your measured and harmonized color palettes quickly and easily in the leading design applications.