Choosing the right dispenser for your business requires a few things, Knowledge about your current state of business, the ability to understand what your current needs are and the ability to see into the future…

If that last point has you a bit worried that you are going to make a bad decision don’t be afraid if you can pull some data for the past few years you may have all you need to make a good guess and arrive at the correct piece of equipment for your store.

  • The most important factor in choosing a dispenser is space. If you can’t fit the machine in your store then it does not matter how much business you do. most stores have plenty of room or are reconfigurable to accommodate the equipment that you need but some stores in the middle of very large cities are completely locked into to a maximum size. Be sure to check the dimensions of the dispenser you are interested in and ensure that it will fit with a bit of give on either side. About 2 inches either side should give you enough room for the dispenser to live happily in a space and have some room to run wires and vent heat. Also, while you are at it be sure you have enough electrical outlets in the area to connect the computers and other peripherals that will be needed to run your new dispenser.


  • The next thing to assist you in determining the type of dispenser to buy is colorant system. If you are tinting paint that requires industrial solvent based colorants your selections may be limited to 1 or 2 options however if you are using waterborne or universal colorant systems then you are likely to have a wide range of dispensers available to you. Does your colorant system use 9, 10, 12, 14, or 16 individual colorants? This all omay determines what dispensers are able to handle your needs.

  • Are you the kind of paint dealer that does a ton of contractor business early in the morning? pushing out 5 Gallon pails all day long? if so speed and capacity are going to be the primary driver in any solution for you. However if you are the spot for DIY homeowners and most of your business is samples and gallons then canister size may not matter as much.

  • Lastly if you look at your last 3 years of paint purchases would you say that the trend is up! up! up! or stable? Do the math and determine where you will be in 5 years at that point you will be half way through the average life of a dispenser. try to choose a dispenser that is rated for the volume that you see your self doing 5 years from now.


Now that you have an idea of what the right dispenser will need to deliver take a look at the equipment grid to determine the best fit for your needs:

Automatic Dispensers

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