End Can Abuse with a Paint Can Closer

Do You Paint With A Hammer?

Then Why Do You Seal Cans With One?

This is NOT the right tool for the job

There are many tools that are specifically designed to deliver fast and quality results when painting. Brushes, rollers, and sprayers are the first choice of painters because they get the job done quickly with less waste and ensure a quality result.

You are stronger than you think! Or the cans are weaker than they used to be…

As paint cans have changed from metal, to plastic, and then to thinner and less resilient plastics, the ability to ensure a tight seal with a hammer without damaging the can has become more and more difficult.

That is why we are taking a stand and asking retailers to “Put the hammer down on can abuse!”

The Can Lid Sealer can save your company lost profits and your mixer from looking like modern art!

During the month of July, Harper Inc. is partnering with Fluid Management to offer the right tool for sealing cans at a great price. Normally the Can Lid Sealer sells for $349.00 plus shipping and tax however, during the month of July, you can buy the Can Lid Sealer for just $225.00 with Shipping Included!

Can Lid Sealers ARE the right tool for the job.
Just $225.00! Includes Freight!

Tired of cleaning paint out of your 1-gallon mixer?

Tired of customer complaints about spilled paint in cars?

Tired of reprimanding your staff over pitifully dented cans?

Tired of cleaning paint off the floor after it leaks out of your mixer?

Tired of cleaning paint off your staff?

The Can Lid Sealer can fix all the above and more!

Buy one today to put a lid on issues arising from can abuse.

Buy one today!

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Put the hammer down on can abuse!