Capsure the Holidays

capsure_slideThe Holiday Festivities are filled with family and friends. It is the time of year when people like to celebrate, eat, and to be crafty. The DIY projects have become more popular over the years, and people want to make their projects personal, but also original. For instance, you have a customer who wants to paint their grandfather’s 1950s red sleigh, and they want to paint it the original red. It would be a challenge for them to bring the entire sleigh into the store to get an accurate color match. Instead, offer them to use the Capsure. The Capsure is a hand held color-matching device. It is small, and can accurately color match as small as 2mm; that is smaller than the size of an easer head! The holiday season usually displays unique colors and patterns. The Capsure can color match multi-colored patterns. Not only can it color match a particular item, it can also detect other colors that would pair well with it. The Capsure stores up to 100 of your customer’s favorite color matches, and allows them to be more creative. The Capsure is a great option for you, and you customers. It is affordable, and it gives your customers the satisfaction of being able to color match fragile or cumbersome items with out having them bring it to the store. Now your customers can have that perfect red sleigh! Give your customers the gift of effortless color matching this Holiday season, and they will give you their loyal business in return.

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