Installing the Blendorama 22 and 25

25 PD Canister\r\n\r\nOften times we at Harper Inc. hear that the Blendorama series is difficult to install and to be completely honest,  it was.\r\n\r\nIt was really difficult to line up the 2 screws that were needed for each canister and tighten them from underneath the turn table. This difficult work was then repeated for all 10 – 16 canisters for a total of 20 to 32 screws making for nearly an hour (or more!) of frustration.\r\n\r\nThe past, however, is not why we made this video. We made this video to show the world why the redesigned Blendorama series is now the easiest out of the box manual dispenser available today. by the simple addition of an eyelet hole you can now install the canisters without having to worry with lining up the screw and canister through the metal of the turntable. This reduces the amount of tightening needed to secure each canister as well.\r\n\r\nwatch the video and see how it only takes a few seconds to secure each canister and why installing a new Blendorama is now measured in a few minutes of ease instead of an hour of frustration.\r\n\r\n


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